Dynaco A25 speakers my experience

I will never forget the first time that I fell in love with Dynaco speakers. It was a chilly spring evening, and I was on my way to pick up my first Acoustic Research XA turntable. I had no experience at the time with vintage audio, but I am so glad that I stumbled upon that XA table. As I walked inside there was my turntable hooked up to a beautiful Dynaco setup the A25 speakers, Dynaco 70 tubes glowing ever so brightly with the Dynaco Pas2 preamp. The sound coming from that system was breathe taking. The whole evening I spent basking in the beauty of my turntable producing sound quality I had never heard before. 


The A25 speakers have a wonderful warm sound to them, a great addition to any speaker collection. I have both a stock and recapped pair that I rotate between, and I feel that the new capacitors provide a little tighter bass and a tad brighter midrange, but typically I have found that stock Dynacos still sound wonderful, at least to my ear. 

I would recommend at least a 50 watt amplifier or receiver. These speakers are not extremely efficient, they enjoy a little bit of headroom to really sing. I have mated them with a McIntosh 2105 for an extended period of time and that was a fantastic match, but even a nice Marantz 2250, 2270 or Pioneer SX1050, SX950 would be a sweet pairing.