The McIntosh 2105 Stereo Amplifier

When I first heard of McIntosh I had no idea what exactly I was in for. All I knew was that it was quality equipment, and there wasn't a lot of it available down in Georgia where I was stationed in the middle of a swamp where all we had was a Walmart. Luckily I only had to spend a few years living in the middle of nowhere and could rejoin civilization. 

The first McIntosh 2105 I came across had shattered glass, and the right channel was not functioning, but it was game on for me. I was able to get the  channel to function and replaced the lights that were long dead. I hooked it up to my Audio Research SP3 preamplifier and wow I was blown away. The McIntosh sound was like nothing I had heard before, although this amplifier was solid state it kind of took on a tube like warm sound that feels like you're sitting next to an open fire on a cold winters night. The music felt as if it was wrapping me up in a nice cozy blanket. I sat there and played the amplifier for hours and it held up through even the most demanding passages I put it through. Everything sounded wonderful from jazz to classic rock. 



Through the years I have now owned many McIntosh pieces and I will always keep coming back to this amplifier. It is my favorite vintage solid state option by McIntosh. I will always highly recommend this amplifier over the MC250/2505 and the MC 2205/2200.